Here Comes the Sunshine Award

I’m honored to have been nominated for my first blogging award.

I’d like to thank the academy … oh wait.  Wrong speech.

The Sunshine Award is given by bloggers to bloggers – those who “positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.”  Here’s how it works:

1)      You receive said award.

2)      You demurely touch a hand to your mouth and quietly gasp, “who, me?”

3)      The ego kicks in, inspiring a “hells yes, me” response.

4)      You blush, looking around the coffee shop, hoping no one overheard that moment of Narcissism.

5)      You follow the rules of the award, basking in your glory and lamenting the fact that you are too damn old to say “hells yes” and get away with it.

Here’s the rules:

1)      Include the award’s logo on your blog.  Done.

2)      Answer the given questions about yourself (see below).

3)      Pay it forward, nominating 10 other bloggers – those whom you’ve found inspiring.

4)      Link to your nominees and comment on their blog (“You’ve been nominated, yo!”)

5)      Share the love and link back to the fabulous and highly intelligent person who nominated you.

Let’s start with the love.  Kelly Ann at Oh My Muse! has graciously given me this award.  Kelly Ann is a writer, reviewer and lover of all things creative.  Big smooches to you, Kelly Ann.

Now on to the question portion (I’ve shortened the questions – and my answers – for aesthetic purposes):

What is your favorite:

1)      Color:  gray – like the river, or the sky when it rains.

2)      Animal:  my dog – not all dogs, just mine – an old Rottweiler with a bad reputation and a slobbery tongue, but a good heart.

3)      Number:  18 – the day both my kids were born.

4)      Non-alcoholic drink:  coffee (the other drug).

5)      Facebook or Twitter:  Facebook (though I’m warming to Twitter).

6)      Passion:  writing (and reading great writing).

7)      To give or receive presents:  both, but I prefer the giving be spontaneous and unexpected.

8)      Pattern:  lather, rinse, repeat.  (What’s up with that question?)

9)      Day of the Week:  Friday (anticipation is the best part).

10)   Flower:  Lavender – it’s drought tolerant and pleasing to various senses.

Originally, I thought the hard part of this would be naming 10 blogs I read on a regular basis and/or find inspiring.  But, as it turns out, I’ve had to compress the list to accommodate only 10 of my favorites.   These are mostly writing blogs, but some are more diverse.  They are all people I’ve “met” in the blogosphere, whose work has been especially memorable on my journey to publication.

1)      Abominations:  Marc Shuster is a writer, teacher, artist and Doctor Who devotee.  And he’s hilarious.

2)      1 Story A Week:  As a writer (with a Day Job), it’s impressive to me that someone can focus the time and energy to write one story per week, which is exactly what this guy does.  But if we want to grow, we have to write, and this blog is devoted to that one simple belief.

3)      Lori’s Lane:   Lori is a writer who reflects.  Her memoirs are strikingly tender.  And they make me feel at home.

4)      thoughts on theatre:  thought-provoking and inspiring.  Truly a great read.

5)      This is my Secret:  the blog and website of writer Kristin Cashore.  She’s on tour right now for Bitterblue, her third novel.

6)      Jkabay:  she hasn’t updated in a while, but her prose is worth the wait.  She has a talent for imagery – I think we can expect great things from her in the near term.

7)      M. Leighton Books: From whom I stole my email “button,” Michelle is a successful ebook author who makes playlists to accompany her novels.

8)      Photobotos: If you like photography, you will love this site.  Brothers with a love of photography.  Photos from all over the world and product reviews.

9)      cad’s blog:  I can’t link to my friend cad’s blog.  Cause she didn’t want me to.  But she is charming enough that I had to list it.  That’s unfair isn’t it?  Please just forget I mentioned it.

10)   I always kiss and tell: cad graciously offered a referral to this blog in place of a link to her own.  And I was immediately hooked.  Here’s a taste:  “It was just a month after the breakup when my roommates decided to stop force feeding me baked goods and instead opted to dress me like a prostitute and bring me out into the world.  Because nothing says “I’m single” like the ten pounds you’ve gained in the past few weeks stuffed into a tiny skirt, am I right?”


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