The end *sniff*

I was talking to my husband last night after the kids were in bed and I said something to the tune of, “now that the book is finished …”

And he looked at me, his face pulled downward.  “The book is finished?”

photo by deegolden

Oh yeah.  Guess I forgot to tell him.

As it turns out, writing the last line was not as liberating as I anticipated.

I’m rather depressed about it, actually. And as a result, I did not shout it from the mountain.  Or even – apparently – from my own living room.

Funny, I always thought when it was over I’d pour a glass of something fizzy, sit on the back porch and relish in my accomplishment.  I thought it would be great to just have the finished product – this complete thing I could be proud of.  And I am proud.  But I’m also gloomy.  The process is what was gratifying.  It was the act of writing which made me happy.

And now it’s over.  And the characters continue to chatter on in my head.

And I miss them.

But whatever.  It’s over.  Cue pouty face.

And now begins the hard part.  I’ve sent the book to my first readers to get their feedback/edits, and soon I’ll have to dive into a robust edit myself.  But I think I’ll take a break first, let myself wallow in the ending, go through a few stages of grief before I dive back in.

I have some ideas I’m excited about for the next project, but I’m trying not to focus too much on that until I get this one edited, cover-arted and uploaded.  Maybe then the Champaign moment will come.  Or maybe not.

Either way, remind me to tell my husband.

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  1. Congratulations on finishing the draft!

    I guess your Muse is sad at her playful part being mostly done, now Editor Mind gets to take over.

    Give her a hug and make sure she knows she’ll get plenty more stories to have fun with!

    • Kim

       /  June 11, 2012

      Thanks Autumn!

      Editor is currently in action. Muse standing by.

  2. Congrats! I am a bit jealous…

  3. Congratulations, Kim!

    But you have not reached The End, only the end of The Beginning! Editing is where the fun really starts, at least for me. (Editing is my day job, after all.)

    So listen carefully to those chattering characters in your head; some of that stuff, no doubt, will be great to include in your rewrite.

    And for God’s sake! You just finished a draft of your novel! A major achievement! Make your husband take you out to celebrate! Sheesh!

  4. Kim

     /  June 11, 2012

    Thanks Mike! I promise to raise a glass to the book soon!

    By the by, I loved your post today about editors and adverbs. I also felt the urge to smack Dan. Readily.


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