Free books at the airport!!

An article today over at goodreader.comdig-lib-1 304xx640-960-40-0 announced San Antonio International Airport has become the first to offer travelers access to free digital books.

Here’s a tidbit:

If you are passing through the San Antonio International Airport you can now borrow eBooks for free. Two Digital Library kiosks have been installed by the Friends of the San Antonio Public Library at a cost of $26,000.

The San Antonio Public Library has introduced a new innovative new feature into the kiosks that will allow out-of-town travelers to get a temporary library SAPL card that they can use right in the airport. The cards are good for 24 hours and have a limit of three items that can be checked out for seven days.

What an awesome way to attract travelers to the ebook market. And to use a library card!

Good show, San Antonio. Good show.

Wildfire is FREE today!

I just felt like giving away books today.  (And … *cough* boosting my Amazon sales ranking *cough*.)

As of noon, I’m at #26 in the Young Adult Contemporary category.  John Green, of course, is #1. And I’m pretty sure that ranking cannot be ousted.  (Have you read The Fault in Our Stars? Amazing.)  But.  A girl can try.

Here’s a link to my (free!) book for your convenience:

Wildfire cover final

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