Free Books – A Bribe

Followers of my old blog!

I miss you.

I know, I was the one who left. As the leaver, what right do I have to come back and tell you I miss you? I don’t. The rules of relationship dictate I have to suck it up and live without you.

But I’m a writer. And writers are selfish.

And I’m asking you to come with me. Because I miss you.

What? Not buying it?

What if I give you something for your efforts?

What if I promise to put your name in a drawing and pick someone to receive two free books? (I wrote the books, so again this is a selfish request. All cards on the table.)

So that’s it. I’m tempting you to the dark side, manipulating your desire for complimentary reading material. Because that’s who I am.

If you’re interested, link over to the contact page at my new site and sign up for the mailing list. I’ll give you two weeks. On April 25th, I’m drawing a name out of a sock cap and sending that person some literature.

See you over there!



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