Before you see Insurgent

Insurgent, the second book in the Divergent series, is in theatres tomorrow.

For those of you who read the books a LONG time ago and can’t recall exactly what to look forward to in this film, has created a little recap you might find helpful:
A few notes on this recap:
1. I love how they call Peter a “Machiavellian jerk.” I never actually saw him as Machiavellian, but he does tend to operate under the attitude of, “the ends justify the means,” so it makes sense to relate to him in that way. Let me just say, though, for the producers to cast Miles Teller in this role was BRILLIANT. After the violence Peter exudes in Divergent, it’s hard to sympathize with his character later on. But Teller is a versatile actor, and we come into this film already loving him, after his work in The Spectacular Now and 21 & Over (I never saw the Footloose remake, but I’m sure he was fantastic as Willard in that flick). In Divergent, I felt Teller brought a humor and dimension to Peter that I didn’t expect. And I’m prepared to forgive Peter his stupidity, just because of the physical embodiment of the actor in the role.
2. I’m not about spoiler alerts. But I’m really not looking forward to Tris’s experiences in Insurgent. I am, however, prepared to hate the person who betrays her. You know what I’m talking about, readers. And I’m sure you glared at the screen as I did when you saw this character in Divergent.
3. Octavia Spenser is playing Joanna Reyes!! Another fantastic casting choice!
4. Uriah shows up finally! Glad to see him. Love him and want to hang out with him. Do some zip lining. You know.
5. Naomi Watts is playing Evelyn, the leader of the factionless. I don’t know about this. I thought of Evelyn as ugly and angry. And while I’m sure Watts can pull off angry, not sure she could be ugly on her worst day. I’m looking forward to seeing her try though. To be fair, maybe she wasn’t meant to be ugly. Perhaps that’s just my interpretation of the character from the book. That’s the beautiful thing about books, they allow you to create in your mind whatever world you envision. And that’s why it’s so great to see the film afterward, to see the visions other people have had for that character. So exciting.
6. This fierce pic of the factionless is awesome:
24194.cr2What I love about the factionless is the way the reader’s image of them transforms between Divergent and Insurgent. In the first book, we feel sorry for them. They are homeless drifters who have been cast away from society, left to starve and die. But then. In Insurgent we realize that image of this group of people was entirely wrong. Look at that picture. Do they look pathetic to you?
I’m looking forward to seeing this film, probably more than I was looking forward to Divergent. I honestly think the excitement building in me is based on what the producers did with the first film. I know it’s not standard for a book lover to gush over the film adaptation, but in this particular case, I feel it was done well.
I have to say, I was initially concerned when the casting between The Fault in Our Stars and Divergent were going to cross paths. Obviously, that worried me a little. But I’me over it and anticipating good things with Insurgent.
Such an exciting time for book lovers and movie lovers alike!
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