One lovely blog award

one-lovely-blog-awardI’m humbled to have been nominated for the One Lovely Blog award by Olive at Olivethepeople, a much more entertaining blog than my own.  I’m certain if you click on that link and read just one of her posts, you will forget about my existence altogether.

Such is life.

Here are the rules for this award:

1) Give generous thanks to the blogger who nominated you. (Thanks Olive! You rock!)

2) Write seven random things about yourself (ready for that, interwebs?).

3) Link to ten bloggers you admire and ping them to let them know you have passed the “One Lovely Blog” award on to them.

So, here we go, with the random:

1)      I love water.  Drinking it, swimming in it, bathing in it, listening to it trickle or pour or swell or gush.  It calms me.

The Great Ceremonial House features a large &q...

My kind of zen.

2)      When I’m stressed, I have reoccurring dreams about tornados.  I theorize this stems from the trauma created by mandatory tornado drills enforced by the public schools of my youth. I still remember looking at my teacher suspiciously and thinking “crouching under my little metal desk isn’t going to help me if the roof blows off, lady.”

3)      When I was seventeen, for a full year, I only dated boys named Kevin.  Not as a rule, exactly, but just because it happened that way.

4)      I had a speech impediment when I was a kid and had to take special classes to keep me from saying my R’s like W’s.  Because of these classes, I’m the only one in my family without a Texas accent.

5)      I was once a Jungle Cruise Skipper at the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Resort.  Truth.  Check it:

skipper me

One gets to sport some spiffy duds when one works for The Mouse.

6)      I have two wee boys under the age of six.  They both call me “Mamas” – as if there were two of me.  And sometimes, I feel like there are.

7)      I love power ballads.  I think they’re making a comeback.

And now for the linky love.  These are not the only blogs I follow on a regular basis, but I could only choose ten.  So I’ve whittled it down to:

1) – I’m a dedicated Austen fan, and this blog explores all things Jane.

2) – This is my writing partner’s blog, so I’m biased.  But she’s brilliant, and unique, and just finding her way in the blogging world. Expect great things, people.

3) – Adam posts short stories that are deeply layered and rich in characterization.  And that is not biased, as I don’t actually know him.  His mom, however, says he is brilliant.

4) – Mike is a clever writer and a talented artist.  His dislikes cats, but I enjoy him immensely, in spite of this tragic flaw.

5) – Suri would clearly turn her nose up to anything less than an Oscar, but this is all I have to give.

6) – Maggie’s writing – like her blog – is total comfort food.  You’re welcome.

7) – A recent post of Michelle’s is entitled:  “Amateur Writing Tip: Stuff Needs to Actually Happen in the First Chapter” – I dare you NOT to want to read that.

8) – My friend Claudia’s blog is hard to crack into – it’s at Open Diary, which isn’t as open as the name implies. But just her intro page is worth reading. Girl is hysterical.

9) – Kristen Lamb has started a writer’s movement.  And she has a lot of great things to say.

10) – Catherine – also a former Disney employee – writes a blog that is snarky and wonderful.  And very pink.

Peace out – from me and my Lovely Blog.

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  1. Oh, you! Many thanks!

  2. You deserve this! You have been so encouraging and honest with me and the things I have written. I am so grateful for you and can’t wait to share a platform with you someday where we can talk about how we became wildly successful authors!

  3. Congrats. And tag you’re it, come visit.

  4. Thanks for the nomination 🙂 I can’t BELIEVE you worked at the jungle cruise!!! I actually went with my friends back in May, and we had the weirdest jungle cruise skipper in existence. He was unbelievably sarcastic, and spent most of the ride making dry comments in an undertone and then making subtle digs at the people who weren’t laughing. I thought it was hilarious, but some of the other passengers weren’t as amused. I hope it was his last day, otherwise I have a feeling he might have gotten fired!

    • Kim

       /  March 1, 2013

      While I was there, my best friend was fired. He was fantastic. But he went off-script (those jokes are so old, and it’s hard to keep using the same material). I wasn’t as creative, so I manage to keep my job. 😉

  5. congrats on the award. and you could so write a companion book to john green’s book and call it an abundance of kevin’s.

    • Kim

       /  March 5, 2013

      Ahaha! Perhaps I’ll ping him on that …see what he thinks. Though, in my case, it was more like a handful of Kevins. Probably not as marketable.


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