Reach people: publish!

We hear about it every day: self-published author makes good with publisher.

Here’s another example of that, posted today on The Indie Book Writers blog.  

But I’m not linking to this article so you can weep over this story (because it’s not you … or me, for that matter – thanks for the sympathy).

I’m linking to it specifically for the author’s quote:

“I have said for some time, I do not know how many people you will impact with your writing if you publish, but I know how many you will if you don’t.”

If you insert “self-” before publish, it makes me smile even more.

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  1. keithogorek

     /  January 3, 2013

    Thanks for sharing the story of this author’s journey. I hope others are inspired by it to follow through and get published. There are more stories like this one in store for 2013.


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