Time for another promo

Wildfire cover finalWildfire is going to be free again tomorrow on Amazon.com.

Hop on over and “buy” yourself an early Christmas present.

Or one for your mom, or sister.  Or aunt’s bus driver’s cousin’s friend.  Cause that person – whoever they are – needs love too.

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  1. Kim

     /  December 17, 2012

    Reblogged this on MamaScribe.

  2. Dang it! I somehow missed this! It looks like everybody loves your book though so that’s awesome! How has the process been for you? Are the sales what you had hoped/expected?

    • Kim

       /  January 2, 2013

      Sales are not what I hoped, but they are what I expected. 😉 I haven’t done any advertising yet. But the promo days are so fun – watching the book climb the “free” charts – seeing downloads by the thousands. It doesn’t make me money, but it’s certainly a good time!

      • Well I am planning on putting out a book of stories in a couple months so I will probably ask for some insight into the process when I do.

      • Kim

         /  January 4, 2013

        I’m so excited for you! I’d be happy to help. Email me anytime (link in the sidebar).

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