The Sophomore Slump and NaNoWriMo

I’ve started the second book a few times now.

I’ve opened up the Word doc, read my previous entry, sighed in disappointment, and then closed it before I threw up in my mouth.  Several nights in a row.

The second book is hard, man.

It’s like starting a new relationship.  Every time New Guy fails to open a door for you or scoffs at something that is inherently you (“Yes, I know I’ve seen St. Elmo’s Fire twelve times, but I want to watch it again, k?”), you think back to the happiness you once enjoyed with Old Guy – even if it was fleeting.  Even if no one else understood.


I miss the old book – the good times we had – the laughs – the sweet sorrow.

I miss Savanna, and her innocent-but-secretly-stronger-than-she-knew ways.

I miss Blake, and his I-will-take-care-of-you-but-I’m-not-happy-about-it ‘tude.

And I miss Dev.  I miss everything about Dev.

But I don’t think a sequel is in order.  Their story has been told.  And I am trying to respectfully move on and tell someone else’s story.

But I’m failing.

Thus far, I hate every character, every motivation, every description.

The best character I’ve described holds a very minor presence.  She is the most memorable – and she won’t even show up again … or will she?  Hmmm … that’s an idea. Tuck that away for later. (You can learn something from writing a blog post after all…)

This is not me. She’s too serene. And tan.

My distaste for my sophomore effort doesn’t matter anyway.  Not as of Nov 1st.  I’m tucking away Book Dos in favor of Book Dos-point-half (working title), as I’ll be joining a fellow writer friend for NaNoWriMo.  We will each be writing an entire novel in one month.  Sound crazy?  It is.  And it’s right smack in the middle of the holiday season – whose idea was that anyway?  Why not February or something more manageable?

Anywho.  Maggie and I will be tackling this crazy thing that is NaNoWriMo – and I will be doing it for the first time.  And we all know how good I am with first times.

So wish me luck.

And maybe once I get Book Dos-point-half out of the way, I can come back to Book Dos with fresh eyes and an open mind – and perhaps better character descriptions.

One can hope.

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  1. It’s high time I share some encouragement back. You can do it! Go you! You’re awesome! (And I mean every word)


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