The book is published – what do I do now?

While the kids napped today, I uploaded Wildfire to  It was eerily easy.  So easy, in fact, I’m worried I did something wrong.

The book should be available for purchase at around 5 am Texas time.  I anticipate my internal alarm will wake me up at 4:45 to facilitate glaring at the computer screen as the glow illuminates the bedroom.  Then I’ll likely have a panic attack when no one purchases the book in the first five minutes (my mom won’t be awake ‘til 9).

Then, I have to start the mad dash of marketing.  Find someone to review it.  Avoid reading the reviews.  Facebook it.  Tweeter it.  Tell random strangers about it at the grocery store.

Tell random strangers about it on my blog…check!

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  1. What now? Revel in your achievement.

    Then relaaaaax.


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