The excerpt – and the psychosis therein

As I’ve been editing, I’ve tried to be mindful of what scene I want to post on the blog as a teaser.  What taste do I want to leave in the reader’s mouth?  What will make them thirst for more?

And here’s what I’ve figured out – I have NO IDEA how to do that.

Here’s how this has been going:

1)      Read scene.

2)      Inspiration tingles inside me.  “This is the excerpt!” I shout to the room and a wholly indifferent cat.

3)      Read scene again.

4)      Inevitably, find something fundamentally wrong with said scene – the character is not behaving properly, the words are not strong enough, the action is not riveting.

5)      Sip from coffee mug.  Consider chucking whole project altogether.  Think of the possibility of never writing again.

6)      Cry a little.

7)      Move on to next scene.

I’ll find something, dear friends, I will.  I might just have to throw the pages into the air, then try to reach out and catch one as they flutter to the ground.

Just the thought of that makes the OCD in me itch a little.

Stay tuned for the results of this emotional experiment.

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