To launch or not to launch?

Some of my first readers have advised that I have a “launch party” when the book comes out (looking at October 1st right now).

And, of course, the idea of a launch party is appealing – drinks, music, me standing there, all author-y-like.

But, as I’m publishing independently in ebook form, I can’t wrap my head around the logistics of said party.  I won’t have any books to sign or, for that matter, books to HOLD in one’s hand.

So, then, what would we do?  Count down from ten and then dramatically press the “publish” button on Amazon?

Seems like a letdown.

But, the ladies I’m speaking of are not to be quelled (trust me on that), so it appears I’ll have to come up with some sort of strategy.  It’s almost painful to think about.

Wonder if I could just make some crab dip and tell guests to bring their Kindles?

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  1. Congrats on the upcoming release of your book!

    The launch party idea seems pretty cool, but like you said, with an ebook release, it gets tricky. If I were having a release party, I’d coordinate a POD release and order a bunch of paperbacks from Createspace to hand out at the party.

  2. Lara Pitts

     /  September 6, 2012

    I’m calling you right now….from one of the “ladies”


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