The Reflex to Index

About six months ago, I blogged about using the Index Card Method on my WIP.  I had fallen into a rut and needed to organize my thoughts – stack them up in an orderly fashion – in order to climb out.

A few days ago, one of my favorite authors wrote about the same method, with a bit of a twist.  It’s interesting to observe the strategies of writers I respect, and comforting to know I utilize the same devices (sort of).  Also motivating about this post is the last line:

*looks around for the next project that will allow me to procrastinate actually having to revise*

Communal procrastination is also comforting.

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  1. Perhaps in addition to writing groups we can form procrastination groups. Every conversation would begin, “I planned to write this week buuuuut….”

  2. I was going to use the index card method too, but I’m still procrastinating. 😉


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