Dreaming of a writer’s platform

Спящая девушка.

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A few nights ago, a friend of mine dreamt I was driving around with a large decal stuck to the back of my SUV, advertising my upcoming ebook release.  (Not unlike the Segway idea from last week’s post.)

That’s right, y’all.  My writer’s platform is so good, I’m plugging my book in your dreams.


I assume this dream was inspired by my recent attempt to beef up branding before the novel’s upcoming release.  To be honest, I haven’t done much.  I’ve added an “email Kim” button and a Twitter feed to the sidebar of the blog.  And I’ve tweeted once in the past few weeks (a big sweaty deal for the social media recluse that is me).

Both of those undertakings proved more difficult (tech-wise) than they might have been for someone who actually knew what they were doing.

Where is a Freddie Benson when you need one?

Image via Wikia

Freddie knows best. (Photo credit: wikia.com)

For the email “button” (it didn’t turn out very buttony but I’m still calling it that) I used EMF Forms Builder, an idea stolen borrowed from writer M. Leighton’s blog (thanks Michelle!)  The form was simple enough to create; what really pained me was plugging the HTML into a text-editing widget for WordPress.  Seriously, I couldn’t tell you what I did to make it work.  I just fudged around with it until it looked decent.  (Some of you are cringing, I’m sure, at the idea that I used something as rudimentary as a text widget.  Don’t judge.  I had no Freddie.)

In further promotional efforts, I’ve added this to the bottom of my gmail signature:

K. Vann O’Brien


Wildfire, coming soon to Kindle!

Follow my blog for updates on the release!

My friend saw this last time I emailed her about getting together for coffee, and this must have inspired the dream of my innovative soccer-mom-esk promo skills.

To that I say, “YES!”  E – freaking –ffective.  (Not effective enough to inspire the decal for my real-life SUV, though.  I do have limits.)

Now, how to provoke the dreams of others …

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