Ain’t too proud to self-promote

Two young women dressed in Hrvatski national c...

Insert name/book title on front of Segway.  Drive around Austin.  Instant self-promotion.

The May/June issue of Writer’s Digest magazine is now on newsstands across the globe (well, okay, at least across the U.S.).  And guess whose name is on page 48?

This girl!  (Please envision the double thumb point at my chest.)

Though the story I wrote is not published there, you can see that I won honorable mention in the 7th Annual Pop Fiction Writing Competition for my short On the Lane.

I considered letting this go, not telling everyone I know, not drinking the cool aide of self-promotion.

But then … my editor (from the Day Job) called.  He’s moving me into a new position.  I will no longer be writing; I’ll be supervising a team of researchers.

This sucks for two reasons:

1)      I’ll no longer be writing, and

2)      I’ll be supervising a team of researchers.

I don’t enjoy being responsible for people.  I barely keep myself and my kids alive on a daily basis; I don’t want to be liable for anyone else’s fate.

So, here’s the positive spin I’m trying to put on this:  this job is plan B anyway.  Who cares what I do for plan B, as long as it serves its purpose (to fund my chai lattes and clothe/feed my children until plan A works out).

And plan A is nearly finished.  I’ve written the climax and I’m focusing on the falling action now.  The resolution is so close I can nearly reach out and touch it.

But in order for plan A to truly work out, I’ll have to sell some books.

And thus, the self-promotion.

Please stay tuned for forthcoming Twitter blasts and Facebook pages for you to “like”.  (The social media recluse inside of me is cringing, just so you know.)

Oh, and – just to make me feel less self-promotion-y – here’s a link to the story that beat mine.

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