The end is nigh

I’m only moments away from the end of my WIP.

And looming before me is a giant brick wall of doubt.  And uncertainty.  And a pee-in-my-pants brand of fear.

A brick wall (stretcher bond) Français : Un mu...

Why, you may ask?

This should be an exciting time; I should be giddy with anticipation.  The climax is coming!  The resolution is near!  The final sentence (which, after writing, I fully intend to celebrate with a glass of bubbly)!


Excitement would constitute a forward motion.  And right now, that brick wall I mentioned is standing in my way.

What exactly am I afraid of?

The climax – will it be impactful enough?  Believable?  Meaningful?

The resolution – will it really give relief?  Help the reader feel closure?

The characters – can I really leave them?  (I now understand why writers sequalize – so they don’t have to leave the characters they have fallen in love with.) (Sequalize – is that a word?  If not, it should be; it rolls of the tongue nicely … sequalize.)

The debut – how will I react to negative criticism from the masses? (I’m working on the “I can take it” muscle, but in the meantime, I’m cleaning out a back corner of my closet for future brooding usage.)

I don’t know why I’m stalling.  I imagine it’s an amalgamation of all these things, combined with the crazy personal stress in my life right now and the Day Job, which seems to absorb my brainpower (and my soul) on a rapid and constant basis.

So, there’s my excuse.  Those are the bricks in the wall I have built.


Now, to find my sledgehammer …

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  1. Oh, I know that feeling of the brain sucking Day Job too horribly well…

    But how fabulous to be so close to the end. Give that wall a good whack with the sledgie and watch those bricks come tumbling down!

  2. Marc Schuster

     /  April 18, 2012

    It’s rare for me to quote Ronald Reagan, but “Tear down this wall!”


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